Charlottesville, Virginia’s Rotary Club Continues to Serve

Charlottesville, Virginia Rotary Club pic

Charlottesville, Virginia Rotary Club

John Rogers, CFA Institute member, puts his fiscal expertise to work for SWM International. As director and chairman of the audit committee, he ensures that shareholders see their money being put to good use. Outside of his professional life, John Rogers, CFA, is a member of his local Rotary Club.

The Charlottesville, Virginia, chapter of the Rotary Club meets for dinner at 5:30 on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Meetings are held at the Omni Charlottesville Hotel, located at 235 West Main Street. Prospective members should get in touch with the membership chair to learn more about the club.

Current club members are serving the Virginia community in the spirit of the year’s theme: be a gift to the world. This year’s projects will include work with the Imagination Library, support of the local high school vocational program, and service in support of the local Salvation Army during the holiday months. The organization’s grants committee will also continue to operate as usual, providing support for non-profits as they submit project proposals.


Okonomiyaki – A Japanese “Pancake” Made for Sharing

Okonomiyaki pic


John Rogers, CFA, is the former president and CEO of the CFA Institute and currently guides SWM International in Georgia as director and chairman of the audit committee. Having traveled extensively over the past three decades, John Rogers, CFA, has a passion for Middle Eastern and Japanese food.

Known for its seafood, Japan offers a surprisingly diverse food culture that includes dishes such as the Osaka region favorite, okonomiyaki. Cooked on a grill and with similarities to a pancake, frittata, or omelet, okonomiyaki incorporates ingredients such as bacon, cabbage, flour, and eggs. Typically, the flour is first mixed with water and shredded cabbage added, along with meat that ranges from shrimp to sliced Chinese sausage. Mixed with eggs on a hot griddle, it is formed into a thick pancake, with bacon strips placed on top.

After being flipped over and browned to perfection, condiments such as mayonnaise, sauce, dried bonito flakes, and dried seaweed are added on top. The large size of the okonomiyaki “pancake” makes it a social dish ideal for sharing with friends.